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Flow Meter Selection Chart

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Fluid flow rate is an important measurement in the process industries. Selecting an appropriate flow measurement technique can be a daunting task. Flow metering technologies tend to fall into four classifications: velocity, inferential, positive displacement, and mass. Among the common flow meters used to measure flow include:
(a) Mass flow meters
(b) Magnetic flow meters
(c) Positive Displacement flow meters
(d) Turbine flow meters
(e) Differential pressure flow meters
(f) Ultrasonic flow meters
(g) Swirl and Vortex flow meters
To aid in the selection of
the right flow meter technology from a variety of technologies, the selection chart below will be useful and handy:

Process conditions/ Fluid Properties
Flow Meter  Technologies



Differential Pressure  Orifice

Vortex, Swirl

Mass Thermal






 High Solids

 Pulsating Flow

 High Viscosity







Key : Green = Best and Optimal ; Yellow = Suitable ; Red = Not Suitable

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