International Colour coding for Thermocouple Wire Insulation

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Thermocouple (T/C) lead wires consist of two individual wires (positive and negative), enclosed by coloured insulation sheath:
Thermocouple Wire Insulation Colour Coding
Due to the Seebeck effect, thermocouple wires have a set polarity such that positive and negative wires must be connected to the correct terminals. A variety of standards exist for lead wire insulation colours to identify each thermocouple type.The different standards above utilize unique wire colours to differentiate

Common Thermocouples Application Problems and their Remedies

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Just like RTDs, thermocouples when applied for temperature measurement present their own peculiar application problems. To understand and be able to solve these problems requires a comprehensive understanding of thermocouples as temperature measurement device. You can start with the basics of temperature measurement with thermocouples here.

To help resolve some of the problems you might need to tackle when using thermocouples, here is a list of the common problems encountered. This is not a comprehensive list anyway:

Common RTD Application Problems and their Remedies

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Resistance Temperature Detectors(RTDs) are widely used across several industries – power, food and beverage etc – for temperature measurement. In using them, different types of application problems occur once in a while. To help resolve these problems, the table below shows a list of the common problems encountered in RTD applications and possible remedies or corrective measures. This list is by no means exhaustive:
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