How to Determine Thermocouple Accuracy with Initial Calibration Tolerances

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Thermocouple accuracy is the amount of error which exists in its temperature measurement. It indicates how close the measured temperature value of a given thermocouple is close to the true temperature value. It is called the tolerance or error. A table called the “Initial Calibration Tolerances” tells us what accuracy or tolerance we can expect from a given thermocouple.

How to Calibrate a Differential Pressure Switch

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Just like pressure switches, a differential pressure switch can be calibrated to a known set point. You can do a quick calibration of a differential pressure switch the same way you calibrate a pressure switch. However for more accurate calibrate, the procedure is slightly modified.
Before going through the calibration steps please read: How a Differential Pressure Switch Works

Quick Calibration Procedure for a Differential Pressure Switch
Equipment required includes:
(a) A variable pressure source
(b) A digital multimeter or continuity test lamp
(c) A test gauge

International Colour coding for Thermocouple Wire Insulation

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Thermocouple (T/C) lead wires consist of two individual wires (positive and negative), enclosed by coloured insulation sheath:
Thermocouple Wire Insulation Colour Coding
Due to the Seebeck effect, thermocouple wires have a set polarity such that positive and negative wires must be connected to the correct terminals. A variety of standards exist for lead wire insulation colours to identify each thermocouple type.The different standards utilize unique wire colours to differentiate
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